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Compounds currently in Xaedra database: 52818

Properties currently in Xaedra database:

Property Name Actual Data / Predicted Data (Predictions only available to subscribers! Email us to become one)
Coefficient of Determination
Melting Point3479/49339
Enthalpy Of Formation307/52511
Tensile Strength466/52352
Poisson's Ratio466/52352
Critical Temperature Of Superconductivity1104/51714
Latent Heat Of Fusion472/52346
Young's Modulus678/52140
Fracture Toughness466/52352
Thermal Conductivity649/52169
Dielectric Constant241/52577
Thermal Expansion665/52153
Shear Modulus547/52271
Reflection Loss246/52572
Boiling Point1009/51809
Refractive Index246/52572
Knoop Hardness228/52590
Elastic Limit466/52352
Critical Temperature Of Conductivity1337/51481
Compressive Strength466/52352
Specific Heat660/52158
Bulk Modulus649/52169
Modulus Of Rupture466/52352

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